The chore of packing your belongings…


Whether you are moving down the street or out of the state, packing your things can be an exhausting chore. The longer we have been living in our homes, the more stuff we tend to collect. Do you have a basement or attic full of items that you haven’t used or thought about for more than a year? Most of us do, as people we tend to collect “stuff”. The more experiences we have in our life the more stuff, generally accumulates. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however when we are forced to acknowledge it, like when we are making a move can become frustrating. When you’re in the process of moving, the “stuff” can become an overwhelming chore to deal with at the last minute.

Suggestions to help ease this process:

1.) Start decreasing the clutter in anticipation of the upcoming move. If your family plans on making a move in the next 6 months, than you could get a head start on it now by doing a little bit each month.

2.) See if there’s a family member who would like it.

3.) Donate to charity

(Great organizations in Delta County include: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Pregnanacy Services

4.) Prioritize what you really want/need and throw away the rest

5.) Sell items on craigslist, e-bay, facebook,etc

The bottom line is, the sooner you address the mess the easier it will be to clean it up.

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