Do I need a title search?

If you are new to home buying or selling and are trying to complete a transaction without a real estate professional, you may wonder why it is recommended to get a title search. The main reason that it is strongly recommended is because its an avenue to ensure the piece of real estate is real and valid that you are purchasing. The title company checks for outstanding liens against the property and provides insurance as well as ownership history. This helps protect all parties involved. For example, the buyer wouldn’t want to buy a home only to discover there is an outstanding bill due on the property. That new owner could end up being financially responsible for the full amount due even though they did not own the property when the bill resulted. By working with a title company on your closing, you have the piece of mind that a search has been done by the title company to ensure the property you are buying is a “marketable” title and is able to be sold. If this process was not done, then you could potentially buy a home only to discover that there are other parties that may have ownership rights to the property as well.

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If you are looking for a title company in Delta County, please check out these companies below:

Bay Title & Abstract

2403 Ludington St

Escanaba, MI 49829

(906) 233-9000

Delta Title & Abstract

201 Ludington St

Escanaba, MI 49829

(906) 786-3582

Should Home Buyers get a Inspection?

Home inspections are a tool all buyers can use. Some do, some don’t though. A home inspection breaks down the nitty gritty and provides a detailed look at the property you are considering buying. In the past we have bought homes with and without them.

Consider how much you are investing in the property you are buying and if the cost is worth the price being paid. In our area, they generally vary in price from $300-$600 depending on the size and other factors of the home.

When buying a home, knowledge is power. Typically, the more information you know in a real estate transaction, the more bargaining power you have. For example, if you know that the electrical inside the home is not wired correctly, this could become a bargaining chip inside of a negotiation. The seller may be willing to reduce the purchase price or make concessions after you have learned more details about the home from the home inspection. As a realtor, I recommend that my clients purchase this report when purchasing their homes for the best experience possible.

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Steps to Buying a Home

There are many questions when you are a first-time home buyer. Often, I find most of my clients become overwhelmed by the process. They often don’t know where to begin and I am regularly asked by them how the process works.

Here are the steps I layout for them:

1.) Meet with lender and obtain preapproval letter from financing institution to learn financing capability

2.) Finding the right property (Home Search)

3.) Submitting the offer: Choose purchase amount, discuss contingencies (i.e. home inspection, appraisal, well/septic test, survey, etc)

4.) Acceptance of your offer

5.) Collect earnest money in the form of a check or money order-typically in the amount of $500-$2000 (amount will vary based upon the price of the home being purchased) upon acceptance of your offer.

6.) Upon acceptance of the offer: a time frame starts for contingencies to be completed (i.e. appraisal,home inspection, radon test, water test, survey, etc)

7.) Notify loan officer at the bank of acceptance of your offer

8.) Close on home-typically it is around 4-6 weeks for most lenders we work with to have all purchase paperwork completed, this is largely affected by how quickly the buyer provides the information the loan officer requests.

This is a just a general overview and each step will vary for each person but hopefully this helps paint a picture of the steps involved in the home buying process.

If you have questions about the home buying or selling process in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, feel free to contact me. Whether your purchase or sale of a property is in the near future or further down the road, I’m here to help you on your real estate journey. My name is Rick Curtis and I am a licensed Real Estate Agent with Key Realty in Escanaba, MI. Call/Text (906) 280-6118 or email