Do I need a title search?

If you are new to home buying or selling and are trying to complete a transaction without a real estate professional, you may wonder why it is recommended to get a title search. The main reason that it is strongly recommended is because its an avenue to ensure the piece of real estate is real and valid that you are purchasing. The title company checks for outstanding liens against the property and provides insurance as well as ownership history. This helps protect all parties involved. For example, the buyer wouldn’t want to buy a home only to discover there is an outstanding bill due on the property. That new owner could end up being financially responsible for the full amount due even though they did not own the property when the bill resulted. By working with a title company on your closing, you have the piece of mind that a search has been done by the title company to ensure the property you are buying is a “marketable” title and is able to be sold. If this process was not done, then you could potentially buy a home only to discover that there are other parties that may have ownership rights to the property as well.

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If you are looking for a title company in Delta County, please check out these companies below:

Bay Title & Abstract

2403 Ludington St

Escanaba, MI 49829

(906) 233-9000

Delta Title & Abstract

201 Ludington St

Escanaba, MI 49829

(906) 786-3582

Local housing market is heating up…

Summer is officially upon us. Unofficially, Memorial Day marked the start of the start of summer and with it comes increased home sales. Our local market in the Upper Peninsula is heating up. There are more buyers than sellers currently, which puts us in a sellers market. The properties that are moving are going fast, sometimes the may go under contract in the same day. This means that if you are thinking about listing your home in the near future, now would be a great time. As a seller, anytime you can have more eyeballs in front of your property, the better it is. As a buyer, do your homework ahead of time (i.e. pre-approval, financing, etc) and when you’re ready to make an offer, it will be considered more seriously. Also, if you’ve been on the fence about listing your home, now would be a great time to jump in.

Take the time to make your home shine

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When selling your home, typically potential buyers will want to see your home before committing to buying it. As a result, it is imperative to allow the buyer to fram the best possible picture of your home when the come for the showing. What does this mean? It means, clean up the clutter, wash the floors, vacuum the carpet, wash the cupboards, basically make your home shine. There aren’t many bigger turnoffs for a buyer, than walking into a home that is dirty and cluttered with other peoples stuff. First impressions are important and in a competitive real estate market, you can use every advantage you can get to sell your home.

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Choosing which Colors to Paint with

Can the color of a room influence your mood? According to HGTV “color can make rooms feel bigger or smaller without the time and expense of actually moving walls”. This might be something you want to consider when trying to sell your home. Anything that will make your home inviting is going to be worth considering and painting interior rooms is usually done as a DIY project for homeowners.

In the past, our family has tried out different colors in our home as an experiment to see how it worked out. We had some success with reds and blues and not the best luck with yellow. If you’re struggling with what each color means, check out this article for some clarification. If you don’t like the color, you can always repaint it.

Show Your Buyer the Light

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt depressed, maybe your mood downshifted and you weren’t sure why? Something I’ve realized over the years is that when there is not enough light in a room, it just doesn’t feel inviting or warm. When my wife and I walked into the home we currently own, we were instantly drawn to the natural light pouring in.

After having countless conversations with others, there seems to be a similar conclusion regarding light. When you’re staging your home for a showing, let the light shine in. Do a room by room audit and ensure that each has the maximum amount of light possible. Allowing the light in will help show perspective buyers your home with the best possible viewpoint. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Open all shades and blinds in your home.
  • Change out old light bulbs and fixtrues
  • Consider the decor in the room. Sometimes no matter how much light is in the room, the dark colored flooring or decor could be something difficult to overcome.
  • Add more lighting if needed
  • Clean the windows to ensure that all grease and markings are not visible and the potential buyers get the best views possible out of your homes windows.

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