Buying Vs. Renting

What’s better: buying or renting a home? It depends on you. My wife and I have done both at different points of our life. One advantage of renting is the convenience of not having to make a hard commitment to the area you are living in. Another is when you rent you don’t have to worry about the maintenance factors, (ex: furnace going out, appliances breaking, etc) because your landlord addresses these for you. You pay your rent and go about your day to day. However, you don’t develop any equity in your property. For example, at the end of 10 years renting, you have paid for the privilege of renting, without any equity in where you live.

If you decide to become a homeowner this changes quite a bit. All of a sudden you are responsible for everything. If the furnace goes out (and you know, this does happen!), you have to either fix it yourself or find someone to fix it for you. You become “Master of your Castle” and how you handle each occurrence is up to you. Hopefully you will start to develop equity in your home. Check out this Forbes article about the 7 financial advantages of home ownership.

Being a renter or homeowner is a matter of preference. If you are looking for a long term avenue for building equity, home ownership is a way to helping you accomplish this.

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