Sale Pending in Bark River!

Congratulations to my buyer on their accepted offer! Excited for them and grateful they chose me to serve as their realtor! Now to get this deal closed for them.

Serving the 906, here to help with your real estate needs in the Central Upper Peninsula!

Real Estate Fact of the Day

Mike Ilitch (Former owner of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings) quietly paid the rent for Rosa Parks ( Civil Rights Pioneer) after she was robbed and assaulted in her home and forced to move to a more expensive area of Detroit.


Does your real estate agent know your deal breakers?

What are absolute deal breakers for you? When most of us are looking for our next home, we generally have an idea of what we want, but have you considered what your deal breakers are (Examples could include:type of insulation, main floor laundry, 3 bedroom/2 bathrooms, etc)? By sharing this information with your real estate agent, they can better help you with your property search and save you some excess time and headache of finding the right home by weeding out properties that don’t fit within your search parameters.