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What’s the parking situation?

When looking at a home, something to consider is “parking”. Where will you park your car(s). When our family was looking for the right home, this constantly came up because we felt strongly about having a garage that would provide an option to park in. Given that we live in the Upper Peninsula, we were aware that our winters are a bit more extreme than other parts of the country and this is something that was a deal breaker for us.

This wouldn’t only be a concern for yourself, but think about your guests. Where will they be able to park? The parking situation could affect your family and friends desire to come over to your new place, if it is less than ideal. Is there a driveway, is it big enough to fit multiple cars in, maybe there is parking on the road or in the alley? By thinking about these details ahead of time, you can narrow down your search and ensure that the property will suit your needs and preferences.

Local Feature: Aronson Island

Spending time by the water is one of our family’s favorite activities. If you haven’t been to Aronson Island in Escanaba, I recommend checking it out. This man made island is right inside Ludington Park on Lake Michigan. On any given warm day in the summer, you’ll see kids with their families on the beach, people headed out on their boats, fisherman, dogs being walked, runners and bikers alike. Our summers in the U.P. may be short in comparison to other areas of the country but they really are special and Aronson Island has some true beauty to offer the next time you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy an Escanaba summer day.

Pre-approval first will help you in the buying process

Photo by from Pexels

Why should you get pre-approved before looking at homes? The biggest reason, is that you will be conveying to sellers, that you are a legitimate buyer who is serious about purchasing a home since you have already taken steps to start your process with your lender. Also,you’ll know that the homes you are previewing are ones that you can realistically afford. If you start looking at homes that are in the $350,000 range first, than after getting pre-approved for around $125,000. You will severely change what you are looking at. Also, by doing your homework up front, you will potentially save headaches down the road through the buying process.

Check out this article from bank rate for more information about the pre-approval process.