Show Your Buyer the Light

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt depressed, maybe your mood downshifted and you weren’t sure why? Something I’ve realized over the years is that when there is not enough light in a room, it just doesn’t feel inviting or warm. When my wife and I walked into the home we currently own, we were instantly drawn to the natural light pouring in.

After having countless conversations with others, there seems to be a similar conclusion regarding light. When you’re staging your home for a showing, let the light shine in. Do a room by room audit and ensure that each has the maximum amount of light possible. Allowing the light in will help show prospective buyers your home with the best possible viewpoint. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Open all shades and blinds in your home.
  • Change out old light bulbs and fixtures.
  • Consider the decor in the room. Sometimes no matter how much light is in the room, the dark colored flooring or decor could be something difficult to overcome.
  • Add more lighting if needed.
  • Clean the windows to ensure that all grease and markings are not visible and the potential buyers get the best views possible out of your homes windows.

For more suggestions, check out this article at

If you have questions about the home buying or selling process in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, feel free to contact me. Whether your purchase or sale of a property is in the near future or further down the road, I’m here to help you on your real estate journey. My name is Rick Curtis and I am an Associate Broker with Key Realty Delta County in Escanaba, MI. Call/Text (906) 280-6118 or email

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