Home inspections are a tool all buyers can use. Some do, some don’t though. A home inspection breaks down the nitty gritty and provides a detailed look at the property you are considering buying. In the past we have bought homes with and without them.

Consider how much you are investing in the property you are buying and if the cost is worth the price being paid. In our area, they generally vary in price from $300-$600 depending on the size and other factors of the home.

When buying a home, knowledge is power. Typically, the more information you know in a real estate transaction, the more bargaining power you have. For example, if you know that the electrical inside the home is not wired correctly, this could become a bargaining chip inside of a negotiation. The seller may be willing to reduce the purchase price or make concessions after you have learned more details about the home from the home inspection. As a realtor, I recommend that my clients purchase this report when purchasing their homes for the best experience possible.

Check out this article for more information:


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