What’s the parking situation?

When looking at a home, something to consider is “parking”. Where will you park your car(s). When our family was looking for the right home, this constantly came up because we felt strongly about having a garage that would provide an option to park in. Given that we live in the Upper Peninsula, we were aware that our winters are a bit more extreme than other parts of the country and this is something that was a deal breaker for us.

This wouldn’t only be a concern for yourself, but think about your guests. Where will they be able to park? The parking situation could affect your family and friends desire to come over to your new place, if it is less than ideal. Is there a driveway, is it big enough to fit multiple cars in, maybe there is parking on the road or in the alley? By thinking about these details ahead of time, you can narrow down your search and ensure that the property will suit your needs and preferences.

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