Memorial Day Weekend

For a large number of Americans, Memorial Day weekend is thought of as a relaxing 3 day weekend filled with parties, barbecues, trips and other fun activities. Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th this year) is actually a federal holiday we celebrate to remember the people who died while serving in our nation’s armed forces. Our freedom was not free and because of those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice with their life defending our nation, we are able to relax and enjoy this particular weekend each year. Thank you to all of the men and women who’ve served and sacrificed for our nation!

Searching for Good Bones

When looking for homes, there is something for everyone. Do you know what kind of property you’re searching for?. When our family looks for homes, we often look for “good bones”. What does this mean? It means a structurally sound. This includes the foundation of the structure. When you examine the home, are the updates that are needed structural or cosmetic. Structural needs could be seen as roofing, electrical wiring or plumbing and cosmetic needs could be thought of as undesirable flooring or paint color. Cosmetic repairs may be desired, but are not necessarily a top priority. By sorting information like this, we were able to narrow down our search and see the potential costs associated with each home we were considering.

Check out this link to learn more about the differences between structural and cosmetic fixes.

HE Appliance Rebates

Have you upgraded your appliances recently? If not, it may be worth thinking about, from a cost savings standpoint and from an efficiency standpoint as well. Last year, our family purchased a new washer and dryer set. With the deal we scored and high-efficiency rebates we received, we ended up getting a great set for the cost of the most basic washer and dryer combo. Now we have been able to enjoy lower water and electric bills. This is something to considering if you think an upgrade of an appliance is on the horizon.

Check out Michigan Energy Optimization to learn more about incentives currently available.

What’s the parking situation?

When looking at a home, something to consider is “parking”. Where will you park your car(s). When our family was looking for the right home, this constantly came up because we felt strongly about having a garage that would provide an option to park in. Given that we live in the Upper Peninsula, we were aware that our winters are a bit more extreme than other parts of the country and this is something that was a deal breaker for us.

This wouldn’t only be a concern for yourself, but think about your guests. Where will they be able to park? The parking situation could affect your family and friends desire to come over to your new place, if it is less than ideal. Is there a driveway, is it big enough to fit multiple cars in, maybe there is parking on the road or in the alley? By thinking about these details ahead of time, you can narrow down your search and ensure that the property will suit your needs and preferences.