Home Buying with Furry Friends

One of the advantages of owning your home is the freedom to have pets in your house. According to the American Pet Product Association 68% of American households have pets. That’s about 85 million people.

Our family had a dog for nearly the last decade and the freedom to let our dog out and have a place for her to roam around was very crucial. At some times over those years we rented and at some times we owned. When renting, it proved especially difficult trying to find a place that would work for our family and our dog as well. With home ownership, you get to decide if you want to add add a pet as a family member to your home without needing it to be approved by your landlord.

Questions to consider if you do have pets and are buying a home:

1.) How much space do you need?

2.) Does the home have a fenced in yard?

3.) Do you need to register your pet with the city?

4.) Is there somewhere you can put your pet in the home if they can’t be out when visitors are over?

5.) Is there enough space to accommodate your family and your pet?

Once we finally purchased our current home, our dog truly seemed more at peace than ever. She knew she was finally home.

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