Don’t forget about the homeowners insurance

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One of the most common things that many home buyers often forget about is getting home owners insurance in place as they approach their closing date. If you’re getting financing for the purchase (According to Zillow, 76% of buyers do). The lender will require this before authorizing the funds to for the sale to be completed. Also, by shopping around early you can ensure you find the best value and a policy that works for you.

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Van Riper State Park

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Are you looking for somewhere to take your family camping this summer? There are numerous options in the UP. If your looking for a campground a little bit outside of Marquette with fun for the whole family, I would recommend checking out Van Riper. This campground has rustic and modern sites, hiking trails, playgrounds for kids and a beautiful beach along Lake Michigamme equipped with the adventure Warrior Warrior Island, a ninja-warrior like obstacle course on the water.

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Take the time to make your home shine

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When selling your home, typically potential buyers will want to see your home before committing to buying it. As a result, it is imperative to allow the buyer to fram the best possible picture of your home when the come for the showing. What does this mean? It means, clean up the clutter, wash the floors, vacuum the carpet, wash the cupboards, basically make your home shine. There aren’t many bigger turnoffs for a buyer, than walking into a home that is dirty and cluttered with other peoples stuff. First impressions are important and in a competitive real estate market, you can use every advantage you can get to sell your home.

Check out this helpful article from the Cleaning Institute

Whats your take on neighbors?

How close do you want someone living next to you? Some of us don’t mind having people living next door to us (I’ve had and do have some great neighbors, that are always willing to lend a hand to help out) and some of us don’t want to be able to see another person from our front door. For this crowd, privacy and seclusion is paramount. Depending on your answer to this question, your home hunting journey could vary greatly. Fortunately, we live in the Upper Peninsula and we can accommodate both choices. From living right in the action close to downtown or along a secluded river bank. The key is figuring out what you want when you start your search.

McLain State Park

McLain State Park is located in Hancock along highway M-203. The park is frequented by locals and tourists alike. With breathtaking shoreline along Lake Superior, camp sites, hiking trails and picnic areas, there is always something to do. In each season this park has something to offer, from the perfect family gathering for a sunny summer afternoon or a winter day spent exploring ice formations along the shoreline.

Check out this link for more information about the park and add this to state park to your activity list when visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula this summer.

Providing proof of funds, could strengthen your offer

Throughout the home purchasing process, you may be asked to provide proof of funds. What does this mean? It refers to something tangible that can be offered as evidence that you, the buyer, can follow through with the purchase. It’s a type of validation that you have the money available at your disposal to complete the home purchase. It can come in a couple of different forms like a certified letter from your financial institution or an official document from a 3rd party providing an assurance that you have the funds needed at your disposal. This letter or documentation provides the seller with a piece of mind and as a result, they may be more willing to accept your offer. Keep in mind, this is different than a pre-approval from a bank. It would typically be utilized in a “cash purchase” or for your down payment or closing costs if requested.

Check out this article from to learn more information about proof of funds.