Updating Your Home

Love it? Hate it? While searching for prospective homes, you will find homes with oak cabinetry. It is a beautiful wood, but paired with an outdated kitchen, it can make the home look aged. There are many ways to update a kitchen look without changing the look of the wood cabinets (whether you love it or not).

  • Backsplash – Add a modern backsplash to your kitchen. It is amazing how this can transform a space.
  • Paint – Choose a complementary paint color. I love the choices listed in this article.
  • Knobs/Pulls – Some oak cabinets have REALLY dated knobs or pulls. Update to a modern look.
  • Curtains/Drapes – Change out those 70’s curtains!

Whether you are the home buyer (have a vision) or seller (give a facelift) there are ways to upgrade a space without spending a fortune.

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