Fishing dock in Escanaba

Do you you love to fish? If so, the Escanaba area is the perfect place to buy a house. The fishing on the Bays De Noc is so good, several professional fishing tournaments have been hosted here. The Bays are known for the awesome walleye fishing. Other types of fishing include salmon, bass and whitefish. During the winter, you will see countless ice shanties on the bay as people additionally enjoy ice fishing. Click on the linked words above for more local information about fishing. Also, check out this guide from the DNR.

Guess what time of year it is

Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming and what does that mean, besides the weather beginning to warm up and the flowers beginning to bloom? Its also Spring cleaning! It is that time of the year when we go through all our belongings and determine what we need and what we could live without. This is especially important when you are buying or selling your home. Spring cleaning can help streamline both the buying and selling process. Let me give you a couple of examples:

Buyer: If you have a large amount of personal belongings that you need to pack and bring to the new place, it can be very stressful. In my family’s experience, the less stuff we have to take with us the easier the transition seems. It becomes less daunting to pick up and move if there a great deal less to pack.

Seller: For prospective buyers, the more stuff you have in the home, the harder it may be for them to picture themselves in the home. They could become overwhelmed by all of your stuff and decide that it would take too much room for them to “make it their own”. It helps to organize your main living areas and even tidy up closets to give the buyer space to see living there.

Spring offers us a chance each year to in a sense, “begin anew” to lighten our load if you will. I would recommend that you look around this Spring to see how you can lighten up. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Here’s a tip a family member previously shared with us: If we haven’t used it in a year, you may want to consider getting rid of it.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Reasons I choose to live in the UP

My family has lived in different areas throughout the years. Soon after my wife and I had our first son we moved home to the UP. We decided to pack up and drive north to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. There are many reasons we were called home to build our life.

1.) The people- Yoopers are a very special type of people. The people who live here have your back. I once broke down in Crystal Falls on my way home to Hancock. A local repair garage owner, who I did not know, offered to drive me the hour and a half home. This is one example of many.

2.) Pace of life- this is huge for me, personally. Living in the U.P. offers a significantly slower pace of life I have come to appreciate. In the city, my wife and I both had long commutes in heavy traffic. Now we are both minutes from work and love the extra time we have with our boys.

3.) Nature- the vast amount of wildlife and landscapes are truly breathtaking. There is continually more to explore and appreciate. Locally around town we are always heading out on an adventure to a trail, park or beach to enjoy as a family.

4.) The “big lakes”- there is always something to do at the lake and this is where my wife says her “soul feels free”. Something about water as far as the eyes can see make me reflect on life.

Wells State Park

Are you looking for an adventure that is not too far away from town? About 30 miles south of Escanaba you will find a beautiful Michigan State Park, Wells State Park. This park has a lot to offer. The park has a scenic campground with campsites so close to the lake, waves will lull you to sleep at night. There is an updated playground, rustic cabins and a sandy beach for your enjoyment. Take a walk down the beach or a nature trail to get your daily dose of the outdoors. After you close on your new home, pack up your gear and head out to play.

Updating Your Home

Love it? Hate it? While searching for prospective homes, you will find homes with oak cabinetry. It is a beautiful wood, but paired with an outdated kitchen, it can make the home look aged. There are many ways to update a kitchen look without changing the look of the wood cabinets (whether you love it or not).

  • Backsplash – Add a modern backsplash to your kitchen. It is amazing how this can transform a space.
  • Paint – Choose a complementary paint color. I love the choices listed in this article.
  • Knobs/Pulls – Some oak cabinets have REALLY dated knobs or pulls. Update to a modern look.
  • Curtains/Drapes – Change out those 70’s curtains!

Whether you are the home buyer (have a vision) or seller (give a facelift) there are ways to upgrade a space without spending a fortune.

Location, Location, Location!

One of the most important factors when buying a home is location. Anyway you slice it, this has to be part of the equation when buying. After all, this is something you can’t change. Possible questions to consider before purchasing that next home are:

1.) Do I like this area?

2.) What do I think of the neighborhood?

3.) What schools will my kids be going to?

4.) How far is the closest grocery store, restaurant, hospital, etc?

5.) How far is my commute to work, school, etc?

The exact questions will vary for everyone, but the concept remains the same, where your piece of real estate is located will matter and needs to be a determining factor.